No.8 | Kostya Bubnov

This channel has some videos timelape about using photoshop in architecture. The videos are quite fast but the viewers still catch up. There are alot of skills in these before-after tutorials such as using brushes, adding light and color,… Finally, This channel has some good videos but not for newbies.

Thanks Kostya Bubnov for their great channel

No.7 | The Fot

The Fot’s videos have their own style in photoshop visualization. A couple of tutorials show you how to making a good Post Production Arch. The skill are good but it’s a little bit fast for newbies and missing some text explanations or shortcut. Overall, This channel is good for you in making a Post Production arch.

Thanks The Fot for their great channel

No.6 | Adam Kormendi Arch-VIZ

Adam Kormendi Arch-VIZ has a good quality videos about using photoshop. There are alot of useful and diverse technic. You can learn alot from them.

 Thanks Adam Kormendi Arch-VIZ for their great channel


Fer Neyra is quite different. They show you how to make an Architectural sketch, Handmade or Some Graphics Tips. How to present your projects better in graphic style.

Thanks Fer Neyra for their great channel

No.4 | Show It Better

Show It Better has alot of diverse videos about photoshop architecture. Most of them show you how to using photoshop for presentation. There are plans, sections, facades and more. You can learn alot about presentation from them.

Thanks Show it Better for their awesome channel

No.3 | Photoshop.Architect

Photoshop.Architect has some videos about photoshop architecture skills for everyone, pros or newbies. Some of their videos are “Step by Step” series, some of them are “Realtime” series, Others are “showing layers” and “Timelape” series. Just some of them have text explanations. They are trying to make the tutorial clearly for everyone.

Thanks Photoshop.Architect for their awesome channel

No.2 | ARQUI9 Visualisation

ARQUI9 Visualisation is a architectural visualisation firm. They have many high quality videos about using photoshop in architecture. If you want to develop your level in photoshop, just watching them.

Thanks ARQUI9 Visualisation for their awesome channel

No.1 | Alex Hogrefe

Most of architects and architect students knew this channel. So maybe we no need to explain more.

Thanks Alex Hogrefe for their awesome channel


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